Letting go…one thing at a time.


Although I own plenty of cookbooks, I rarely use them for anything but as a thick magazine to flip through and drool at gorgeous photos of foods that I wish I could create but know I never will.  I love reading and, not only have I amassed a huge collection of cookbooks for someone who doesn’t cook, I have accumulated too many books in my life. 

Whenever I moved from one place to the next, the movers always commented on the fact that I owned hardly any furniture, but had rooms and rooms full of books.  Stacks of books are also usually stacked around my bed or in the living room as well.  To me, books are special because they take me to amazing places, help me imagine a different perspective, or inspire me to be better; furniture can only be sat upon. 

All of my books have journeyed around the world many times during the past 20 years of relocating from country to country.  Now, suddenly I feel ready to let them go, starting with the cooking books.  It’s ironic that I want to donate my cooking books now, when I just started using them for the first time as they should be used.  However, as I continue to educate myself on how to cook and bake, I realize that my ultimate goal is not to learn how to follow recipes in cookbooks, but to be skilled enough so that I can cook things from taste, flavor and my own desires of what I want to eat.  I know that I am nowhere near that point yet (and may never be), but I feel ready to let go.  Perhaps by slowly letting go of the books (and other possessions) in my life, I am allowing new experiences and manifestations to take its place.


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