Bread, bread and more bread, oh my.

Visiting my in-laws always provide me interesting insights into things that I take for granted. For instance I assume that everybody dislikes eating the same thing for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. This assumption is a bit biased and stems from the fact that I do not like to eat the same type of meal repeatedly throughout the day. I like variety.  I crave variety.  I need variety.  Newsflash:  Apparently, not everyone is like me.

Over the past few days I have come to the unexpected realization that my in-laws would not survive without a constant staple of bread at every meal.  How did I not realize this before?  It makes me wonder about the times they visited us.  When they visited us in countries where we lived and where good bread wasn’t readily available, did they surreptitiously smuggle bread in their suitcases and enjoy their secret stash in the privacy of their bedroom?  I certainly don’t remember serving them bread at all, let alone at every meal.  Huh?  How did they survive their visits with us?  And how am I going to survive eating more and more bread this week?