Quirky habits – Elephantine Bakasana

ImageThis photo of an art installation, which I took at an exhibition in Singapore, showcases the quirky, and unavoidable, habit of taking on more than we should.  Like many, I fall victim to this innate routine to prove, to justify, and to exceed.  Although I have forgotten what the piece was called – I might have called it ‘Elephantine bakasana’ or ‘Elephant doing the crow’ – and who the artist was, the image speaks to me by asking:  “If you didn’t have to prove something, what would you be doing?  If you didn’t have to justify anything, how would you act?  If you didn’t have to exceed, why would you do it?”

ImageThis second photo, which I took during my travels through China, captures the singularity in time, a man sitting in a park, enjoying a moment of meditation or slumber, something I strive to incorporate into my daily habits, wishfully and not always successfully.

Daily Prompt: Quirky Habits – Elephantine Bakasana


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