Der, Die, Das…Was?

Der, Die, Das...Was?

Today’s daily prompt asked us to predict what we would be doing on July 30, 2014. While images of wine festivals, music concerts, or treks through the Alps flirt through my mind, the one thing I hope I will NOT still be doing is learning more German grammar. Der, Die, Das…Was? Calgon, take me away!

Der, Die, Das, Was?


  1. Don’t worry about it, I have been living in the German speaking part of Switzerland for the past 47 years and I have never met anythig so illogicial as the construction of the der, die das with all the various case endings. The only positive side of things for me is that I speak Swiss German fluently and why, because the Swiss tend to swallow the endings of the words, although my kids and Swiss husband never seem to make mistakes when speaking Schriftdeutsch as I do (a source for a joke very often).

    • Hi angloswiss: Thanks for your comment and encouragement. I must be imitating Swiss German because I usually swallow my endings to mask the fact that I can’t decide how to do the adjective n-deklinations. If only we were living in Switzerland instead of Germany…except I don’t think we could afford to live there; things are quite pricey there, or?

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