Celebrities influencing positive change

Using celebrities to affect change

Although I am not sure if this guy is a celebrity in Singapore, I like the intent of this message: Celebrities using humor to entice people to change their behavior.
Everybody has seen signs on the bus or train specifying that certain seats are reserved for the elders, handicapped or parents with infants. But a sign like this wakes people up, attracts their attention in a funny and memorable way.

Imagine if, instead of selling Nespresso, George Clooney used his image to encourage youngsters to empower themselves, get involved with their community or simply to respect others; how much could we change humanity for the better?

Celebrities influencing positive change


  1. I understand your point and you are right but George Clooney is one person using his influence to make a difference in Sudan. The majority of celebs just seem to enjoy the spotlight and rake in the money.

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