Moebius Circle?

Because I am energized by learning new things, I was immediately fascinated when I stumbled upon the Moebius knitting cast on developed by Cat Bordhi. Instead of the traditional cast on, her technique follows the Moebius principle, where you start from one point on a circle that has only one side and return to the same point by running along twice the circumstance of the circle. “What?” you may wonder quizzically, as I did when I first read the instructions from her book.

It’s really quite simple in practice. Take a long strip of paper, twist one end before you tape the ends together, and you will have a twisted circle. This is the Moebius concept. Then, if you take a pair of scissors and cut along the middle length of the ring, you will end up with a ring that is twice the length of the first ring and half the thickness. If you keep repeating this exercise, the circle gets bigger and bigger until you end up with a very very large circle.

I remember knitting this scarf many years ago from the middle out, something I had never done before, and I was fascinated as it developed into a Moebius scarf, without a seam, and with only one edge. Pretty darn cool, I thought. Admittedly I am a science nerd.

When I contemplated the daily prompt focusing on circles, I immediately thought of the moebius as the circle of life. With each experience and encounter, we have the opportunity to enlarge our circle of life and influence, by expanding and growing, with intent and surrender. Although there are days when it isn’t so easy to achieve, the long journey along this circle only requires one step at a time.



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