Amuse bouche, I worship thee

amuse bouche in Alba, Piemonte

amuse bouche in Alba, Piemonte

Is it your petite, bite-sized sweetness, your unexpected appearance before my hungry lips, or the gentle way you prep my eager palette for what is yet to come – more scintillating surprises and morsels of enticing deliciousness just around the corner -that keeps me addicted to you and coming back for more?  I am a willing slave to your demands.

And, to keep our affair fresh and enlivened, a suitably aged bottle or two of wine from the cellar?  Is there a better threesome than this?

Vintage bottles from Ca roma

Vintage bottles from Ca roma

Amuse bouch, I worship thee


A few of my favorite things in rainbow colors…

Wine bars - RED

drinking wine – RED

YELLOW: Eating sushi, especially Uni

savoring sushi – ORANGE

Unique Cocktails - YELLOW

trying unique cocktails – YELLOW

Traveling off the beaten track

traveling off the well-travelled road – GREEN

Experiencing new cultures:  BLUE

discovering new cultures – BLUE

watching sunsets in Thailand – INDIGO

Climbing Mt. Fuji to witness the golden YELLOW sunrise

climbing mountains – VIOLET

Daily Prompt for 7 Jan 2014